About the Ring

The Ring of Tatters is an organisation which supports and promotes the craft of tatting. It encourages people to learn how to tat. The Ring has been in existence for 35 years! It encourages both new and experienced tatters to enjoy their craft and develop their skills. To achieve these aims, the Ring of Tatters:

    Attends and demonstrates at exhibitions and craft shows.
    Encourages local tatting days with workshops.
    Encourages members to meet in local groups.
    Publishes a newsletter twice a year containing information on local activities around the world, articles, news,             patterns, tatting tips, book reviews.
    Maintains a library (available for UK members) containing books and booklets, magazines and periodicals, loose             patterns and videos.
    Has an annual competition.
    Maintains this web site.

The Ring is run on a voluntary basis by an informal team, in their own time and from their own homes. It is based in the UK, but has many members in other countries.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Ring of Tatters, please contact us. Currently we have almost 1,000 members.